Bond, James Bond

I’m not one to watch movies for deep spiritual or humanitarian significance.  It takes me a long time (sometimes days, weeks) to process input, especially when it comes at me in the blitz of a two-hour motion picture zooming (relatively) by on the screen.  For example, I saw Defiance recently, which has a lot of good stuff in it to comment about, but I’m not going to take the time to crunch through it right now.

Speaking of Daniel Craig…
Once a year-span or so, sometime between the end of one baseball season in October (or, more recently, November) and the beginning of the next in April, I watch all the James Bond movies.  Yes, all of them.  In order.  It’s a way to turn off my brain for a couple hours and just be entertained every few days. I obtained a collection of VHS tapes from a friend a few years ago — every one from Dr. No through Tomorrow Never Dies, minus The Man with the Golden Gun. I have since added Golden Gun, plus the VHS version of The World Is Not Enough and the DVD versions of Die Another Day and Casino Royale.

So, since there’s a break in the UEFA Champions League season and thus there’s nothing good on TV, I’m beginning my Bond Marathon with Dr. No now.  I’m not promising (you or myself) anything, but my plans are to comment on each one as I watch them.  Not an official review, not as a film critic by any stretch because I’m too shallow and inexperienced for that, but just as a fly-by commenter.  Some of the good-bad-ugly, some trivia, some quotes, some general or specific observations.  Just for fun.

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