I e-mail Myself

I e-mail Myself

I e-mail myself all the time.  If there’s a thought I have or a transaction I need to record, I’ll send myself an e-mail rather than trying to remember (which doesn’t often work) or writing a note (which would pile up on my desk).  So even though the thoughts can and often do go unresolved for a long period of time, the only waste is a small amount of increasingly-cheap disk space.

I have found myself e-mailing myself a lot more recently, because I have been coming across more articles and other tidbits having to do with the 2008 presidential election.  My intention is to sort through a bunch of information that interests me and jot down some of my own commentary.  I missed the November 4 deadline to get this done before the election, but I’ll have plenty of opportunity to think about and share my thoughts on what went on and what continues to go on in its wake.  Nothing is “over”; it’s just that the 2008 election, just like the ones in 2004, 2000, 1996, etc. interesting tick mark along the continuum that is the timeline of our history.

All this is to say that instead of e-mailing myself so much, I’ll post to this blog pretty much unedited.  That drives me nuts, because I hate to communicate stuff that I haven’t had much time to edit in my mind and on the page.  But hey, there are two things that give me peace about this: not many people are going to read it anyway, and if they do and comment about it, that will give me the kick in the pants I need to take some time to clarify.

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