I may take up smoking

When Michael Scott was giddy about having risqué photos of Jan, he couldn’t help but share with his buddy.  So he opened up his e-mail client, started a new message, attached a photo, typed ‘pac’ into the ‘To:’ address field and let the auto-fill do its thing, and sent the message on its way.  Moments later, he was faced with a terrible truth: the auto-fill grabbed “packaging@dundermifflin.com”, not “Packer, Todd”, so the photo only reached its intended recipient by way of being propagated throughout the company.  Oops.

The same thing happened to me recently.  Well, a less disastrous version, and I wasn’t the perpetrator.  A coworker sent a link to me that he meant to send to someone else.  In an effort to suggest a smoking alternative to “natalie@” (name changed to protect the guilty), he sent “neil@” a promo for Smoke Electric’s new Crown 7 HYDRO, the world’s most advance e-cigarette.

I’ve never been a smoker, but now that I know about a carcinogen-free, tar-free, non-flammable, deco-style nicotine tube that comes in watermelon among other flavors, I might take a closer look.  Besides, according to the FAQ:

CROWN 7 is an alternative to smoking that offers reduced health risk, freedom to smoke anywhere, social inclusion versus isolation, no first or second hand smoke, virtually odor-free smoking, non-flammability, convenience, and lower cost than traditional smoking.

If it’s environmentally responsible, socially responsible, and won’t make me stink or get kicked out of restaurants, it could be worth a shot!

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  1. No. There is no good sustitute for that singular moment of swirling mind high feeling of deeply inhaling a nicotine packed cancer stick for the first time in a long time.

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