Iced Coffee


1 C (6-8 oz) strong coffee
1-2 Tbsp sweetened condensed milk
Cubed ice in a tall glass

The Process:

Brew 1 C strong coffee. Mix with sweetened condensed milk. Chill for a while in the fridge and pour over ice in a tall glass.

Tips & Gotchas: Make the coffee strong. The way I do it personally, I use our home espresso maker with 2 tbsp finely-ground coffee and less than 8 oz water (not really an espresso because there’s a lot more water). Making one cup in a standard home coffeemaker won’t do the trick because it’s next to impossible to get a good strong cup this way. Use an espresso maker and mix one part espresso with one part water; or use a French press with a lot of ground coffee. Milk and sugar doesn’t seem to work – sweetened condensed milk is the way to go. You really need to chill it for a bit (or at least let it sit to cool down significantly), and use big iced cubes instead of crushed or pellet ice; otherwise the hot coffee will melt the ice quickly and you’ll end up with weak lukewarm coffee, which is really bad.

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