Not-Random knowledge accumulated in 2008

Here’s a miscellaneous collection of knowledge that I accumulated during Calendar year 2008.  I would call them random, but really I have applied some sort of cognitive processing to display only certain ones, so it’s really not a random collection, but rather, miscellaneous. You might have known them already.  Big deal.

  • Dogs, especially males, will scratch the ground to leave their scent, which in this case emanates from glands between their toes.
  • While logged in to a Windows XP machine using Remote Desktop, ctrl-alt-end (rather than ctrl-alt-del) will invoke the Windows Security dialog, to let you restart, look at task manager, etc.
  • Plaxico Burress is a person, not a medication.
  • WordPress is cool.
  • There’s no such thing as a panther.  Panther is a misnomer for a leopard, cougar or jaguar.
  • Fernando Tatis is the only Major League baseball player ever to hit two grand slam home runs in one inning.
  • In a group, each dog howls intentionally out of tune with the others so its voice is distinct.
  • The movie Fargo wasn’t a portrayal of actual events.  Not even inspired by actual events.  The whole thing was made up.
  • The UEFA Champions League is a competition comprised of the best teams (by standings from the previous year) of the “best” leagues of European football (the “best” leagues being determined by a complicated ranking system), with better leagues earning their clubs more spots in the competition than the lesser leagues.

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