Re-activate Your ATM Interswitch Card

Subject:     Re-activate Your ATM Interswitch Card
Date:     Mon, 23 Feb 2009 16:28:57 -0800
From:     Interswitch Nigeria LTD<>
Attention Card Holder,

This is to notify you that our services are being upgraded to a new, better and more secured system . You are now required to CLICK HERE and register all your DEBIT CARDS, X-CHANGE CARDS, and CASH CARDS online IMMEDIATELY so as to enable your card to work on our new servers. Only registered cards will work with the ATM machines.

Note that in order to continue using your card for ATM transactions, you MUST register your card(s) online IMMEDIATELY BY CLICKING HERE .If you do not register your ATM card(s) immediately, you will no longer be able to use your cards with the ATM machines or for ATM transactions and your card(s) will be cancelled or terminated.

Adhere to this instruction on receiving this message and click here immediately to register your card. Our goal is to satisfy all our customers need.

InterSwitch Nigeria Limited

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