The Intersectionality Inquisition

If sitting in front of your TV or connected device as it serves up endless Netflix (or Disney+ or whatever the hot new video streaming service is nowadays) is leaving you a bit unfulfilled… here’s an alternative to passive binge-watching: a fully-interactive addictive online game! Start out solo to get the hang of it, then maybe you can make a party game out of it at some point. The Intersectionality Score Calculator at first seems to disparage you for unintentionally being too privileged (and inevitably oppressive), but there’s hope: you then receive clues on how to get out of your sorry predicament. Simply changing your gender identity and/or developing a self-contradictory religious mash-up, as well as quitting your job/business and liquidating all your assets, will do wonders to increase your score (try it out – it’s as easy as moving slider controls!), leading you down the enlightened path from Oppressor to Oppressed.

Are rudimentary slider controls not enough interactivity for you? Here’s where the game gets even more fun… the Intersectionality Score Calculator (ISC) is so advanced, simply uploading a photo of friends, co-workers, relatives, or public figures can save you the trouble of judging them yourself based on learning from or interacting with them. The ISC’s AI determines ethnicity, age, sexual orientation (seriously!), as well as other unnamed characteristics (it’s fun to guess which ones) — all based on the way the person in the photo looks.

But wait… there’s more. Advanced players will enjoy generating photos to feed to the Calculator. To utilize something like an expansion pack, go to and keep generating new images until you find one you guess to be representative of someone who is the most (or least) Oppressed (or Oppressive), and upload it to the Calculator to try to beat your own high or low score. Hone your skills to quickly identify how oppressive or oppressed someone is just by looking at him or her (or them or xyr or whatever the correct elusive non-gender-binary pronoun is at the moment).

ISC is not just fun; it’s also mentally challenging! For some extra cerebral exercise, try reading through the site’s textual content… guaranteed to blur the lines between insanity and satire. Wade through the comments and informational blocks on the home page, 2020 Democrat Candidates page, and others, ponder the significance of offering a sliding scale between an attribute’s two binary values, and go hunting around for other clues as to whether the site authors are serious or delirious. Do the self-defeating logical abominations give simple fallacies a good name, point to a disturbing real-world mental state, or demonstrate a creative genius in developing some sort of new form of ultra-satire?

The Intersectionality Score Calculator — guaranteed to provide hours of fun and cognitive stimulation with which you won’t be disappointed!

Image attribution: Lyubov Popova [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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